The crop was yielding enormous amounts until the drought came to ruin things

There are a fair amount of things that will affect marijuana crops from one year to the next. My family as well as I own a marijuana farm as well as it is absolutely necessary to know as well as understand how to grow a crop successfully. My buddy and I used to have a steady supply of water. Water is one of the things that you need to have a successful crop. It doesn’t even matter if you are growing corn, peppers, beans, lettuce, or marijuana. Water, food, the sun, as well as nutrients are all necessary for a successful as well as healthy crop. Our indica crops are the most wonderful strains on the farm. Most of the indica strains have a low flowering time as well as an incredibly high yield. Our crops were yielding enormous amounts before my pal and I started having drought conditions. Suddenly I had to water the crops less often as well as that genuinely affected the plants as well as the quality of our crop entirely. My buddy and I used to yield two or three pounds per plant, however while in the drought season my pal and I were only getting one to two pounds per plant. Even the best growing strains like OG kush, Blue Dream, as well as Jack Herer were yielding extremely low numbers. That is a sizable reduction in production as well as that affects our budget tremendously. I am feeling pretty thankful that my pal and I had a good portion of rain this winter. My buddy and I won’t have to be too worried about our water allotments. My buddy and I have plenty of water in the reservoir as well as that means my pal and I can water the marijuana plants as frequently as necessary. My buddy and I don’t have to fret about rationing the small amount of water that the county water board allows.

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