The crop was yielding pretty huge amounts until the drought conditions came around

There are a pretty good amount of things that will affect marijuana crops from one year to the next.

My family plus I own a marijuana farm plus it is absolutely important to know plus understand how to grow a successful crop.

My associate and I used to have a steady supply of water. Water is one of the things that you absolutely must have to have a successful crop. It does not matter if you’re growing corn, beans, lettuce, or marijuana. Water, food, the sun, plus nutrients are all truly needed for a successful plus abundant crop. Our indica crops are the most amazing on the farm. Most of the indica strains have a low flowering time plus a high yield. Our crops were yielding very good amounts before my associate and I started having drought complications. Suddenly I had to water the crops much less frequently plus that totally affected the plants plus the quality of our crop. My associate and I used to yield two or three pounds per plant, however during the drought season my associate and I were only yielding one to two pounds per plant. Even the most wonderful growing strains like OG kush, Blue Dream, plus Jack Herer were yielding super low numbers. That is a substantial reduction in production plus that affects our budget. I am honestly thankful that my associate and I had a fair amount of rain this winter. My associate and I will not have to be thinking about our water allotments. My associate and I have a good amount of water in the reservoir plus that means my associate and I can water the marijuana plants as frequently as we need to. My associate and I don’t have to be concerned about rationing the small amount of water that the county water board allows.


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