The first time patient special was 50% off my first purchase

When I applied for my medical marijuana card, I had to go see a healthcare worker.

When I was with the healthcare worker, the staff talked with me about the odd types of ailments that can be helped with marijuana.

The staff also talked with me about odd dispensaries in the city. They didn’t really propose one or the other, but the marijuana shop had a lot of coupons & savings booklets from the odd shops. I got a folder with information from every marijuana shop in the city; One of the marijuana shops had a 50% off first time patient special. I looked at the prices of the items online & they were all reasonable. I thought maybe they would be really luxurious since the arena had such a nice first time patient special. The marijuana dispensary also had a really nice selection of items. I wanted to be able to spend a lot of money when I went there for the first time, so I made sure to use the 50% off coupon on a payday. I had $300 to spend & I got a lot of items for that amount of money. I bought an ounce of dried marijuana flower as well as a couple of bags of edibles. I also bought two tinctures, one concentrate, & a couple of pain relieving patches. The pain relieving patches were sativa & indica. They gave me some for the morning & some for the night. The 20 mg THC pain relieving patches lasted all morning & might be my number one product that I bought from that recognizable marijuana shop.



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