The morning was filled with cool surprises

A lot of my friends & I like to do the same activities, and i cherish to go mountain biking & hiking.

I like to be outside, even when the rapidly changing temperatures are really cold or really warm.

I have no complication dressing for the environment & the temperature. When it’s really cold outside, I make sure to wear a nice winter time jacket with lots of pockets for all of my climbing gear. When it happens to be summer time & it’s moderate & humid, I pack lightly & take my backpack. I know that my backpack contains the camera, some drinking water, & a couple of other things that my buddy and I need for the morning. I did not realize that I still had marijuana in my backpack from the last time that my friends & I hung out, my friends & I regularly smoke marijuana when my buddy and I are out on the trail, but my girlfriend doesn’t like to smoke pot. When my girlfriend & I were on the trail last week, I had my backpack with me. My girlfriend & I stopped for a few minutes so my buddy and I could take a break & have some water, however as I was searching through my backpack for the bottle of water, I found the marijuana products. I also realized that I didn’t have my keys with me, then jack gave to call a locksmith if I could not find them. It was a super nice gesture & I was happily surprised.


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