Time for rest and some sativa strains

I have an interesting career.

My work keeps me traveling a lot and then, I have to come home and deliver on the project after weeks of working non-stop sometimes. But, I’m not one of those people who then dives headlong back into the same cycle. Instead, I like to swing by the local cannabis spot on my way out of town for several days of rest and reflection. Recharging the batteries is essential for me. Packing up my truck with my boards, dog, coolers and all my gear for five or six days of coastal camping is like plugging back for me. This is really the stuff of life. Stopping off at the cannabis dispensary is always my last stop before heading off on one of these trips. Usually, this is the only time I avail myself of the online shopping option from my local cannabis spot. I love all the folks in there so much that I stop by the local cannabis spot just to say hey. Yet, being able to put in my order for the sativa and indica products I’ll need while I’m gone does get me on my way faster. I swear, I could just roam the aisles and cases inside that cannabis dispensary. It’s just that there is just so much cannabis product in that place. And there is always some sort of new cannabis strain that I’ve never heard of. If I don’t put in my order online, I’ll be an hour or more trying to decide what I want. However, I’m always pleased with whatever cannabis products I choose. And it sure makes camping along the coast a lot more restful and contemplative.

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