We added an age verifier to the dispensary website.

I noticed there were a ton of people trying to make online orders for marijuana delivery.

No one was asking about age & I was anxious none of the workers were asking everyone.

If the workers didn’t ask about the age of the man when they called in an order, I could end up going to jail. You had to be at least 21 just to enter the website. I called the online marketing team & asked for my cannabis dispensary specialist. I told Max there were people under the age of 21 coming into the dispensary to purchase marijuana. This process was a lot easier when my great friend and I only sold medical marijuana. Then you had to have a medical marijuana ID card to purchase our marijuana products. These days you could purchase recreational marijuana, which only needed a legal ID card to show you were 21. I knew what it took to forge an ID to make it look like you were 21. When I got in touch with my website developer Max, he told me there was no age verification tools on my website. Max said it would be easy to do, & he could have repeating age verification on the website if someone got past the first one. It was easy to have an I am not a robot box, & even easier for someone to click the I am over 21 box, when they were not. The robot was totally verifiable, however the over 21 was not. I wasn’t sure what Max would do to the website, however I was guaranteed no one under the age of 21 would be placing an order or receiving delivery if they were under the age of 21.
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