I prefer the traditional ways of getting stoned

After a few dabs of cannabis wax I was feeling very dreamy.

My cousin Max came over with a few of her friends the other night. Max and I have stayed very close since I used to babysit her. Now I have a career and she goes to college, but we still hang out at least once a week. This time Max brought her friends because she wanted to “teach me how to party.” I think I party just fine! I know my limits, and I know just how much cannabis to smoke, and how many drinks to have. Max and her pals had just come from the local cannabis dispensary, and had a wild assortment of products they wanted me to try. This was uncharted territory for me – as I said, I know how much cannabis to smoke, but this stuff was all new to me. We did something called “dabs” which involves a blowtorch and cannabis wax, and was a little scary at first. They also brought over a wide selection of cannabis edibles, but I declined those. In general edibles make me feel sleepy, and since I was trying other new forms of cannabis I didn’t want to overdo it too quickly. After a few dabs of cannabis wax I was feeling very dreamy. It was a different kind of high then I got from smoking cannabis, it felt cleaner somehow. By the end of the night I was having a great time, but I also wanted to smoke some real marijuana instead of oils and wax. I guess I just prefer the more traditional ways of getting stoned.

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