I still prefer smoking cannabis the old-school way

My brother Dan came over with a few of his friends the other night.

Dan and I have always been close since our younger days as I would babysit him.

But for now I work as he attends university nearby. This allows us some time to hang out at least once a week. This time Dan brought his friends because he wanted to “teach me how to enjoy life” and here I was thinking I have fun just fine! Maybe it is because I know my limits, and know just how much cannabis to smoke at any given time. I also watch how much I drink. Dan and his pals had just come from the local cannabis dispensary with an assortment of products they wanted me to try. This was very wild for me considering I am a guarded cannabis smoker. In fact, my friends and I prefer to dab which involves inhaling burned cannabis oils and cannabis wax, and even this was a little terrifying at first. Dan and his friends also brought over a wide selection of cannabis edibles, which I refused to try. I had tried edibles before and they made me feel exhausted. I decided that since I was trying other new forms of cannabis I didn’t want to overdo anything too fast. After a few puffs of cannabis wax I was high and feeling floaty. It was an unusual kind of high after that one gets from smoking cannabis, since it felt cleaner. By the end of the night it was clear that I was having a fantastic time, but I also wanted to smoke some real marijuana instead of oils & wax. By the end of it all, I still feel like I would enjoy smoking cannabis the traditional way more.



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