I’m an old school kind of cannabis smoker

Max visited me with a few of his friends the other night.

Max & I have remained close since the days I would babysit him at my aunt’s request.

Currently, I work while he is still in school. However, once in a while we get to hang out. This time Max brought his friends because he wanted to show me how to have fun and party. I know I party just fine but I also have limits, and know just how much cannabis to smoke, as well as how many drinks to have. Max & his pals had just come from the local cannabis dispensary. They brought with them a huge assortment of products for me to try. This was definitely uncharted territory for me since I already placed specific limitations when it comes to cannabis smoking, so this combining stuff was all new to me. My friends and I were familiar with “dabbing” which involves using a blowtorch and cannabis wax, so this new thing was a little scary at first. Besides that, they also brought a number of cannabis edibles, but I was keen to decline those. Typically, cannabis edibles tend to make me sleepy, and since I was trying new variants of cannabis I didn’t want to overdo it by being too fast. After a few dabs of cannabis wax I was already feeling dreamy. It was a different kind of high compared to the one I got from smoking cannabis. This felt cleaner somehow. By the time the night ended, I was having a fantastic time but I also wanted to smoke some real marijuana instead of oils & wax. I still think I love and prefer the more traditional ways of smoking.

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