Selling cannabis to the tourists

Last summer I came up with a great idea, a way to make a lot of money and not have to pay any taxes on it.

I live in a small town well-known for being a swank travel destination for elites from the big city.

Every summer this town is flooded with rich folks who want to spend a few weeks by the lake. I realized that there was an untapped market with these people, and I could supply them with cannabis for a ridiculous price. You see, in this state we have limited legalization for cannabis. Marijuana is legal in some cases, but you need to have the state-issued prescription card. The state only issues these cards to their own citizens, which means that tourists from other states cannot legally buy cannabis. But I can! My friends and I all went to various cannabis dispensaries and bought as much as we could. Then we repackaged the different cannabis strains into smaller bags, and charged twice as much for the product. Since most of the tourists were wealthy they didn’t blink at paying fifty bucks for twenty five bucks worth of cannabis. This added up to major profits, and if we could find a way to buy cheaper cannabis it only meant higher profits! This summer is coming up rapidly, and we want to do the same cannabis selling racket again, only this time we will be much better organized. I wish that the tourists would stay here all year around, because then I could make cannabis my permanent job.
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