Sneaking outside to smoke cannabis

To celebrate the end of the school year and the start of summer vacation, my daughter Molly had a few of her friends sleep over. A wholesome, traditional slumber party! It took me back to my days as a schoolgirl, and having a slumber party was the coolest thing to do. I bought the young girls snacks and juice, let them watch movies and play games, and generally gave them the run of the place for the night. When I thought they were all suitably distracted I snuck out onto the back porch to smoke some cannabis. I had a short, fat joint of a new OG Kush blend I was dying to sample. Although I look like a typical Soccer Mom, I still love a neat glass of whiskey and a fat bowl of tasty cannabis. I know a lot of the other local parents, and many of them use cannabis without their kids knowing. As I was getting stoned, I realized that one of Molly’s friends was outside, too! I tried to grind out the cannabis, but the girl had already caught me. She said that she came outside to hit her cannabis vape pen, and that she would keep my secret if I kept hers. I agreed, and then offered her a hit from my cannabis. In response, she handed me her vape rig to try out. I had never vaped cannabis oil before, so it was a new experience for me. I was true to my word, and never told her parents that she was vaping cannabis. I hope she never tells my daughter!