We started an illegal delivery service for legal cannabis

The laws in this state are nutty! Medical marijuana is legal, but only if you have a doctor’s prescription, and all of the state-mandated paperwork.

That paperwork requires paying the state a processing fee of $400, which has to be paid every year. This means weed is just a little bit legal, but still hard to get. Another major issue is that while it’s legal to sell medical cannabis, stores cannot provide delivery services. This makes no sense to me, especially considering how many medical marijuana patients are elderly or very sick. I think I am providing a valuable service to the community by delivering cannabis, even if it is illegal. It has been said that it is the duty of moral citizens to stand up to unjust laws, and that’s what I am doing with cannabis. Some of my delivery clients are younger people who just like getting stoned, but many of them have prescriptions for medical cannabis to treat various conditions and ailments. To these people cannabis is medicine, and I am happy to deliver it to them. If I were a rich man I would gladly offer the service for free, but I have to make money so I do charge for cannabis deliveries. It is a nominal charge, and my clients are encouraged to offer a tip for fast and friendly service. Sometimes I get tipped in cash, other times they tip me in cannabis, but most of my customers are quite generous. I love what I do, connecting good people and good cannabis, and making a good wage.


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