Well kept secret between two cannabis lovers

In celebration of Springtime semester and the beginning of Summer vacation, my baby Molly had a few of her friends sleep over.

Think of an old-school kind of slumber party. This reminded me of my own school days, when having a slumber party was one of the coolest things to do. I bought the young women snacks and juice, allowing them to watch films as well as play games. Generally, I gave them space to run their affairs that night. Once I felt that they were all distracted I had the opportunity to sneak out onto the back porch as I wanted to smoke some cannabis. This was the ideal time to enjoy the fat joint of a new OG Kush blend that I was dying to sample. Even though I look like a regular Soccer Mom, I still appreciate and love a neat glass of whiskey and fat bowl of tasty cannabis. I know a lot of the other regular parents, and most of them enjoy smoking cannabis without the kids knowing they do. While enjoying my weed I realized that one of my daughter’s friends was outside as well! I tried to hide the cannabis, but the girl had already spotted me. She said that she came outside to hit her cannabis vape pen, and that she would keep my secret if I kept hers. I agreed, and even gave her a hit from my cannabis. In response, she shared her vape rig to try out. Never had I vaped cannabis oil before, so this was a pleasant but new experience. I decided to keep my word, and never told her parents that she was vaping cannabis. My only hope is that she keeps her end of the bargain and never tells my daughter!

Orange kush