Fitting in cannabis products to new routine

I ended up having to walk away from my company at an earlier age than I had planned for. The idea was that I’d keep running things until I was 70 and then start a succession plan. I don’t have any children to pass along the business to. But thankfully, I had some awesome people to choose from in the ranks of the company. I never thought I’d be using recreational marijuana and be out of my company before I was even 60. But that’s where I find myself after some serious health problems forced a change to my life. There is someone good at the helm of the company and I’m still on the board. But day to day activities are focused on my health and on my health. I was lucky to survive but getting more fit and healthy is now the number one priority. Surprisingly, visits to the local cannabis spot are part of that. I was not one to use recreational marijuana. Cannabis would only get in the way of all that drive I had as I was simply compelled to make my company a success. But once I started trying to get fit, the fitness coach I employed suggested that I visit the local cannabis spot. Specifically, he thought that indica products would really help me to deal with my range of motion issues. That has been the biggest hurdle along with losing weight. Since I haven’t been active for so long, I get so sore from just a bit of exercise. So I am now using the indica strains for sale at the cannabis dispensary to help with that. And they have been quite amazing actually.


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