Treating myself to the local cannabis spot

I don’t really ask for all that much when it comes to treats for myself. But now that the kids are in college and I have less to deal with, I’m pretty big on treating myself some days. I’ve been working part time since the kids were in highschool. These days, that allows me plenty of time to do some fun stuff since the kids are now out of the house. And one of my most favorite ways to treat myself is to go shopping for marijuana for sale. You heard me right. I’m a middle aged mother, wife and all around cool girl. The fact that my kids are grown and on their way to being good adults means that I get to come out from under the radar when it comes to my cannabis. I’ve always enjoyed recreational marijuana from the first time that I tried it when I was about halfway through college. Recreational marijuana has been something I’ve enjoyed and relied upon to keep me level and not get overwhelmed. Yet, I was always relegated to girls’ weekends or sneaking a toke of whatever I could marijuana I could get down in the basement. But for sure, those secret tokes really did keep me going sometimes. So these days, recreational marijuana is quite legal and I make a point of getting my shop on at the local cannabis spot. They see me coming for sure and they know that I’m going to walk out of there with a fat bag of cannabis products. Mostly, I share with other moms who are still in the basement sneak a toke phase of their lives. But I also always like to get the recommended sativa strain or even take a chance on some new cannabis strain. Whatever it takes to treat myself is my motto.

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