My Dad, the Pot Grower

One evening after a delicious meal that my mom made for the family, my dad went out on the back porch for his nightly cocktail, then as usual, he made himself plus drink plus told us to leave him alone for 30 minutes; Per his request, my associate and I didn’t bother him for those 30 minutes.

This is his nightly routine, so my associate and I were not surprised by the request, but earlier that afternoon, my sibling plus her wifey had been on the back porch enjoying a little marijuana while the sunshine went down, but knowing my mother was making a substantial meal for my birthday, they wanted to be extra hungry for it… Well, when my dad went outside for his nightcap, he was not surprised to see that they had left a bit of a mess on the handrail where they were talking about their new grow room, my sibling plus her wifey own a giant pot farm on the West Coast plus have really started a successful business.

My dad thought it would be funny to take the leftovers plus stick it in the same pot as the basil plant my mom had been growing to cook with. A few weeks later, a little pot plant started to sprout. My dad loved it! He told all the people that he was the original pot farmer in the apartment plus that he deserves some recognition, but of course, it was all in fantastic fun plus my associate and I laugh about it every holiday.


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