Small bag and portable cannabis is what I do now

I used to carry a giant purse with me anywhere I went.

It was so convenient.

I could keep my car keys, snacks, make-up, wallet, phone, and even a small umbrella with me. I especially liked that I could put my cannabis vape and a few oil cartridges in there. I always had everything within reach. Well my friends started realizing that I could be the group pack mule. Suddenly I was the one carrying all the phones, wallets, and keys. Everyone stashed their cannabis in my bag as well. It was getting ridiculous. My bag would get so heavy that it was hard to carry. It started to get difficult to get my own stuff in there. I finally cut them off. I now carry a really small wristlet. I have just enough room for a credit card and I can stuff my phone. My keys and vape I have clipped to a lanyard around my neck. I don’t have any spare oil cartridges. So I need to be sparing in the night. I no longer give anyone a few hits. The cannabis oil is strictly mine now. All my friends are super bummed that the Mary Poppins bag is gone. They now have to carry their own stuff. They can’t mooch on my cannabis anymore either. I love that I can easily hide my vape around my neck too. Nobody expects cannabis to be there. I also enjoy the ease of carrying such a small bag. It was a worthwhile upgrade.

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