I need pre-rolls for mess prevention

I am not the most careful of people! When I was a little boy my mother would consistently chant to be more careful to me, and i would go too fast & get into a mess.

If a dish calls for seasoning, I douse it. I drive too fast & go too hard to work out. I am consistently tearing bones, busting things around my house, & getting into trouble. I just don’t have a careful, precise way about me. When I started smoking cannabis I decided that I wanted to roll my own joints. I consistently figured more is better. I packed the rolling papers as fat as I could. I could barely close them. I then struggled to roll them slim & seal them. I lost half my product to the ground & would vacuum it up. I didn’t have a good smoking experience with a too thick joint. I realized that I wasn’t saving currency buying flowers & rolling papers. I was costing myself since I was such a mess, and thankfully cannabis dispensaries have products for every personality type. They have pre-rolls for sale. They aren’t too much currency, but yes, if you rolled yourself it would be cheaper. You also could mix & match flavors if you wanted; But, I just can’t handle it, and so I buy a pack of pre-rolls & call it a day, then no mess or waste anymore. I can be as wild & silly as I want but my weed stays contained. It is a better method for me for sure.

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