I helped set up for the hip hop celebration (smoked with the crew)

There are a lot of reasons why I like to labor at the temporary labor locale! From day to day, I never know what type of task I will find, then i still have not found the one task that is absolutely what I want, so I continue to look around for something that I will love.

I worked a couple of weeks in a factory.

It was a lot of fun to labor the night shift and have all day to sleep, however my body eventually provided out and I was sick all of the time. I worked at a weird factory making and packaging salad mixes. I was in charge of splitting all of the lettuce. I got to use a sizable knife with a handle on the end. It was simple enough, however the task required me to be indoors where I was working in a cold storage area. I was frequently cold even if I wore a long sleeved shirt to work, just a handful of months ago I got the opportunity of a lifetime. I worked on Monday so I could have enough currency to go to a concert on Wednesday. I ended up being sent to the fairgrounds to help out and I was assigned to help with the hip hop crew. The crew had me help unload boxes and heavy items to the stage, then at one point I got to smoke recreational marijuana with the crew; My pal and I stopped for supper and the crew was smoking marijuana that came from a dispensary right here in the city. I knew my friends were not going to recognize me when I told them that I smoked marijuana with the crew from the hip hop band.
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