I wanted to go fishing with the guys

My wifey wanted me to go play a round of golf with her & her parents on Saturday morning; I didn’t have any other plans, so I told her that I would go… Then my friends asked me if I wanted to go out on the boat & go fishing, but of course I wanted to go out on the boat & go fishing.

  • That was a deranged question for my friends to ask.

I was pretty bummed out that they waited until after my wifey asked me to play golf. I knew that if I canceled golf, I would look like a jerk. I didn’t want my wifey to be mad. I told my wifey that my boss called me & asked me to toil a couple of hours at the cannabis shop. It’s not unregular for my boss to ask me to toil a couple of hours at the cannabis shop, so I knew it was a pretty wonderful excuse… My wifey was bummed out, however she was not angry. I did not have to toil at that cannabis shop, so I called Jack & Steve & my friend and I went fishing. I never expected my wifey to stop at the dispensary with her parents. They do not even use recreational or medical marijuana. My wifey absolutely wanted me to meet them, then when she stopped at the dispensary, she found out from my boss that I was stressed to have the day off. Of course my boss did not know to lie to cover my butt & I do not know that she would have anyway. My wifey was entirely worried when she found out that I lied about work.

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