I learned how to grow my own flower

Marijuana products can be actually high-priced… When I started smoking marijuana, I had to pay a fortune.

I was spending about $50 for a small bag of marijuana & the product sure did not last me actually long at all, however one day I found a seed in a bag of Girl Scout cookies marijuana. The seed looked like it was in pretty good shape. I had no way of knowing whether or not the seed would easily sprout & bud, but I decided to try anyway. I easily got the plant to grow to almost 5 in. I was not successful getting the plant to grow any further than that, but I became actually interested in growing marijuana. I started reading books about growing marijuana & I watched as many videos as I could find. I was completely & totally obsessed. I sent away for some seeds from a location online & when they arrived I planted two. I got those two to grow & flower, but it wasn’t perfect. The next time I tried, I did some things differently. I learned how to grow my own marijuana flower by trial & error. I grew flower of my own until the state legalized recreational marijuana, however now it seems like it is much easier just to order from a dispensary near me. The dispensaries deliver & it’s easy to order online. The prices are pretty cheap, especially when compared to the amount of money I had to spend on lighting, feed for the plants, & humidity control. It’s cheaper & easier to access marijuana now that it has been legalized.

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