I worked for a marijuana farm after the firm shut down

I was laboring at a advertising firm when the place shut down and I was out of a task! Everything happened hastily and I did not receive much severance when I left.

I had to find a task hastily.

The market was flooded with a lot of people that were hastily out of toil and I was not the only lady looking for a task in the industry. I received a PC call from a contractor owner that saw my application on a resource online. I had not applied for a task with the supplier, however the contractor owner had an opportunity for me. The girl owned a marijuana farm and she was about to purchase another 60 acres of land to grow marijuana. The contractor was growing a lot in a short time and the contractor owner needed someone to handle all of the finances for the marijuana farm. The spend my money was entirely less than I was hoping to be gave, however the opportunity sounded pretty fun. I decided to go out to the marijuana farm to check things out and talk with the owner more about the task. The farm was absolutely large and the current acreage was right on the other side of the street. I could tell that the owner of the farm was in over her head. I knew that I could help out and get things under control. It has been 6 months since I took the task and things have been absolutely good. So far I have appreciated laboring at the marijuana farm and the owner of the contractor has rewarded me well. I have a nice bonus and incentive program that allows me to make more money if the farm makes more money.
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